I’m here, I made it. It is so old, so compact, so worn down, and has so much character. It is incredibly surreal strolling down the cobblestone sidewalks of the “granite city.” I arrived in Aberdeen on Friday (23 Sep 2013), after some stressful delays and a missed flight (they put me on the next flight for free). Although a little stressful, it was a fun trip, I actually enjoyed the flights for the most part. On my flight from Chicago to London, I had an aisle seat, and the elderly couple beside me moved to get an aisle seat, so I had quite a bit of space to myself (and an extra complimentary pillow and blanket from their seats!).

When I arrived, I took a cab to James’ house (a Northern Irish friend, who attends Aberdeen). He gave me a tour of the Uni and then I slept at his place. The next day, I moved in to my dorm room, which I get all to myself! However, I was not fully prepared by sundown and ended up sleeping without any bedding.

It is now Wednesday, and I am finally just about all settled in. I got all of my registration, accommodation, and all the other “ations” completed. The food has been decent. I had a sandwich that was incredible the other day, a grilled turkey and stuffing sandwich. Mmmm, so good, for real.

Ohh, and I made the second team for basketball, which wasn’t very hard as there were not many good players, but it will be fun to be able to play every week.

There will be more soon, when I have some time to sit down and unload. Now, off to the cinema with a friend I met an hour ago.


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    Atta boy. Jimmy Williams would be proud of you for making that team lol.

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