I take flight in 10 days. Wait..what?! Am I ready? No. Am I nervous? A little. Am I packed? Haven’t started. I am beginning to recognize my lack of preparedness. In the next 10 days I must do a lot. Here is my to-do list:

  • Research what types of clothes I will need, gather them, and pack (into one or two bags)
  • Purchase a water bottle
  • Purchase power converters
  • Make passport copies
  • Figure out how I am getting from the airport to the University
  • Decide on what classes I am going to take
  • Search for places that I want to visit and plan how to get there
  • Get all the paperwork that I need to carry with me together
  • Say bye to all of my family

Up to this point, I have thought very little about my time abroad. I am beginning to get excited. And, I am beginning to get nervous. Will I forget anything I need? Will I have the correct documentation? Will I struggle to make decent friends in the dorms? Will my classes be manageable? Whatever, no need to worry, I am in God’s hands. Yes, I need to plan and be prepared, but no, there is no reason to worry.

I am excited. Excited to live in a land of deep history, excited to explore beautiful land and castles, excited to be immersed in a different culture, and excited to meet new people. I am excited to learn and to grow. I am excited, yet I will dearly miss my family, my friends, my home, my school, my pugs, and my lovely girlfriend.

Stay tuned as my trip quickly approaches lift-off.


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