Much has happened, little has been processed, most is of no interest to you. So…I will merely list the top five most noteworthy updates.

1. I have met some cool people.

  • My flatmates are all really nice (I have 11). We usually eat dinner, or as they call it, “tea,” as a flat. I have also met people through the CU at Aberdeen, which stands for Christian Union. But out of everyone I have met, I hope to develop friendships with two in particular. Jack and Jacob are in my divinity class and are both theology majors. Once I buy a temporary phone, I will actually be able to communicate with people, making meeting up with people more manageable.

2. I love my classes. Well…two out of the three, and the people in the one.

  • I am in 3 classes. This may seem a small task as I regularly take 5 a semester back home. But, it is not. The way learning is approached here in Scotland is different, there is much more emphasis on student independent study and research, which I like. I would encourage anyone who wants to study abroad to study somewhere in Scotland. I am in “New Venture Creation,” “Data Management,” and “Founders of Christianity.”
  • New Venture Creation is my favorite class. Unlike the other classes, it does not take on a “lecture” format. Instead, it is an interactive, lively session that focuses on creativity and entrepreneurship. We are approaching the class as a business with twenty co-ops (20 groups of 5), where each group must formulate a complete business plan for a new start-up. This is where I thrive.
  • Data Management is also enjoyable. Although a lecture orientated class, I am thrilled to learn the ins and outs of databases and how to effectively manage them.
  • Founders of Christianity is taught by an indescribably horrible teacher. But, this will challenge me to know my stuff and do research on my own, so I am thankful for that. Plus, a wealth of knowledge and rebuttal spews from the minds of Jack and Jacob, so it is bound to be an interesting class.

3. My facial hair is still surging forth on its untamed escapade.

  • Although I find it a nuisance and irrefutably unattractive, I am taking this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to let my lower-facial and upper-neck locks have a party at my face’s expense. I was advised and encouraged by multiple people to move forward with this endeavor, so I will trudge on till I depart from here, if I can endure it.

an unexpected shot of my new ukulele and I.

4. I bought a ukulele.

  • Cheap? Yes. Worth it? So far. After my first week, realizing I’d spend much of my time in my room to start out with, I found it utterly impossible to go on any longer without some sort of musical instrument at my disposal. I have been learning a new song every day, and also enjoy creating my own tunes.

5. I am on the second-team for basketball.

  • The two practices that we have had have been refreshing for me, but I will likely not be a part of the team after this week, as all new players must go through an initiation, which very politely paraphrased will end with us plastered and in the hospital. This is not dramatized either, it has been historically true for the past couple years. So…no thank you.

As I continue to process my “Great Adventure,” I will be sure to tread on some deeper topics, but for now, I leave you with this.

Ohh, and I miss you all back home.


  • October 7, 2013 Reply


    Definitely of interest to us 🙂

  • October 8, 2013 Reply


    Hey dude, I love you man. Hope all is well and hope we can skype or something soon dude! Oh and I am loving your facial man… keep it up!

  • October 12, 2013 Reply


    Love your blog Isaac! Would love to be a fly on the wall in your “Founders in Christianity” class. Sure to be interesting banter with the dynamics involved!

  • October 17, 2013 Reply

    vicki wright

    Isaac, how fun to read about your adventures! My dear nephew, you are quite the gifted writer:). Have you ever thought of pursuing writing as part of your profession?

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